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Welcome to Brendan Lewis Landscapes website.

Brendan Lewis has worked continuously in the landscape industry for the past 37 years. He commenced his career at base trade level and worked his way through to the highest professional landscape architectural level, including preparation of landscape plans, specifications and reports.

A brief work history includes:

1972 to 1977 - Trained at Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney and the National Botanic Gardens in Canberra.

1978 to 1989 - Obtained eleven years experience as a Landscape Technical Officer with the largest landscape architect design office in the southern hemisphere. As a result was employed as a researcher and garden ‘makeover designer’ on Burke’s Backyard and Backyard Blitz in 2001.

Brendan was also employed in a consulting capacity for various clients along the length of the Australian eastern seaboard from Cairns in Queensland to Hobart in Tasmania. Hence he developed an in-depth knowledge of climatic conditions and its effects on landscaped gardens, soil types and plant selection.

Since then Brendan has set up his own successful landscape business on the Central Coast providing the community with access to his in-depth experience and knowledge of landscaping, plant selection, and soil requirements for the Central Coast and surrounding areas.

Brendan has been invited to submit printed works for the following publications:

  • Gardens in Australia - written by Sarah Guest - published 2001.
  • The Garden at Bronte - written by Leo Schofield - published 2002.
  • Small by Design - written by Paul Urquhart and Lorna Rose - published 2007.
  • Frangipani - written by Linda Ross, Lorna Rose and John Stowar - published 2008.
  • Period Gardens - written by Myles Baldwin - published 2008.

He has also had printed works and pictures featured in various magazine publications including ‘Your Garden’, ‘Burke’s Backyard’ and ‘Backyard Blitz’.

Brendan is well known as one of only a handful of industry professionals that are familiar with tens of thousands of plant species, their origins, cultural requirements and specific adaptations. He has extensive experience along Australia’s eastern seaboard and become the ‘go to man’ for sites with difficult access and what would seem like impossibly sloped sites.

Brendan is comfortable landscaping and designing for acreage properties, residential allotments together with commercial landscape work as well as consulting & design for large corporations.